Hel-Co provides a comprehensive selection of services, such as thinning, pruning and trimming, for every aspect of your trees. From flawless tree removals to detailed arborist analyses that evaluate tree health and risk assessment, our expert support is driven by meeting and exceeding your expectations.


Tree Pruning:

Trees may need to be pruned for several reasons, including structural stability, view clearance or increased fruit production. When done incorrectly, pruning can stunt the growth of your plants or cause irreparable damage. Trust the experts at Hel-Co to get the job done right! We provide maintenance trims that keep your trees, shrubs and hedges at optimal health and beauty.

Tree Trimming:

Proper palm tree trimming is essential to help maintain the beauty and health of the tree. It also helps reduce the amount of dead debris that falls from the tree, but trimming is often overdone in an effort to “storm-proof” it. Very often, palms are still standing after hurricanes or other similar weather events.

Tree Removal:

For safety, health and aesthetic reasons, trees may have to be completely removed. Tree removals are necessary to eliminate hazards associated with those that are too close to a home or their branches extend over the roof, or dead or dying trees. Sometimes this reduces competition for light and space, allowing other plants to thrive. Clearing space for new construction is also another common reason for tree removal.

Tree Surgery:

Not all damaged trees have to be removed. In some cases, trees can be salvaged with proper professional care. Our team will assess your trees and work to repair them, if possible, by removing diseased parts, filling cavities, preventing further decay and by strengthening branches with braces. Proper tree care is essential for long-term health. Even over-pruning or improper cutting can cause costly damage.  

Stump Removal:

When removing a tree, the stump is left as close to the ground as possible. Should the stump need to be removed because it creates a hazard or is an eyesore, Hel-Co can help. We have special equipment that makes this challenging task easy, efficient and safe.

Debris Haul-Off:

At Hel-Co, we can assist you with debris removal related to any of our tree services or storm damage to help save you time and possibly avoid injury. Our experienced group will get the job done to your satisfaction

Emergency Services:

Being proactive is the best approach when maintaining trees, but we understand that emergencies, such as damage caused by storms and lightning, happen without warning. That’s why our professional team will mobilize quickly to remove damaged trees or those creating dangerous hazards.

Whether you have an immediate need or an upcoming project or removal job, please contact Hel-Co for quality support that you can depend on!